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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Donuts

Here you will find information about our donuts, cooking processes, how to place special orders and more. If you do not find your answer here please email us directly and will will answer as soon as possible. Thank you again for your interest and support for Zombee Donuts!

We get asked this a lot.  This is a mother/daughter owned small business that has been our dream for years.  It took us 2 years to save the money, a year to find the perfect location and almost 8 months to convert the once hair salon into the wonderful atmosphere that it is today.  We love to bake and we love “The Walking Dead” and anything to do with zombies….thus Zombee Donut & Bake Shop was born and Fullerton will never be the same.

We wanted to be in between the two colleges of Cal State Fullerton and Fullerton College and also, we thought Fullerton would be a great community for our business.  We were so right.  Everyone in Fullerton along with the colleges, the chamber, the police & fire department and all of the neighbors have embraced us and welcomed us.  We are very happy that we decided on Fullerton, everyone has been so kind to us.

We use the finest ingredients and make everything fresh every day.  We finish this process by frying all donuts in Palm Oil vs. Lard which eliminates any bad after taste or that coating on your mouth.  People always comment that they did not like donuts before they tried ours!

Our first couple were the Eyeball, the Monster and the Sin-a-Snake and that took a lot of experimentation.  We continued with these experiments and came up with some others (please see menu and other FAQ for descriptions of all of our specialty donuts).  Also, some customers have come up with donuts such as Cookies and Scream and Nutella.  Some of the catchy names come to us after we look at the donuts such as the Rabie Baby and Tor-tured Smores.

We feel that our customers always deserve the highest quality and even though day old are not bad, they are not up to our standards so we do NOT sell a day old product.

We get calls from all over the country asking this question.  We do not ship our donuts and we do not see how we can do this in the future.  Like stated before, once we ship and you get the next day, the quality will not meet our standards and also donuts are very delicate and the appearance after shipping would not even meet our standards.  We apologize but plan a trip to DisneyLand and visit Zombee’s Donuts while you are here once, twice or even three times, who is counting?

We will run Donut Happy Hour (buy one, get one free) usually an hour or two before we close when we know that we are not going to sell out.  If we still have product, we try to donate them.  If you know a worthy cause that would appreciate a donation once in a while, let us know.

We make our regular donuts because we want to ensure that everyone is happy and some people like to come and look at all of the donuts but want what they are familiar with.    The regular donuts are $1 or $10 for a dozen.  They include glazed donut, old fashion glazed, old fashion chocolate, chocolate bar, maple bar and a variety of sprinkled donuts.  The specialty donuts are $2.25 each or $23 for a dozen, these donuts are usually filled or specially decorated.  Please refer to the donut section of these FAQ for full descriptions/pictures or pull up on menu on our website.

The flavors are vibrant due to the creativity put into these donuts to make them tasteful without the normal products used for donuts.  Also, people (especially children) that are now allergic to milk and eggs can enjoy this wonderful donut.

A Vegan is a person that has chosen to not eat any products that come from an animal, this includes but is not limited to meat, fish, eggs, lard or milk (common items in donuts).  Our Vegan donuts are made so that no animal products are used and we finish them by frying in Palm Oil vs. the normal lard that normal donut shops use.  Did you know that most donuts in donut shops are not even vegetarian due to this lard?

Palm Oil

Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp of the fruit of the oil palms, primarily the African oil palm Elaeis guineensis, and to a lesser extent from the American oil palm Elaeis oleifera and the maripa palm Attalea maripa. Wikipedia

Unfortunately, we currently do not.  We have discussed this several times and with the size of our business, we would not be able to make something fresh every day in house.  We use a lot of flour in our operation and do not have the room to have a separate flour-free kitchen.  We apologize.  We have debated on bringing something from the outside but have not found the high quality themed product for our business yet.

We do have some donuts that have nuts or nut products like our peanut butter and jelly donut.  Most of our donuts do not have nuts but we are NOT a nut free environment.

Yes, just ask us and show us a picture and we will let you know if we can make it.  We have done donuts for the Anaheim Ducks, CHOC along with weddings and birthdays.  We can even do a giant donut of your choice for a special birthday, anniversary or to ask that special person to the prom.

I personally love the Rabie Babie but I do alternate between the Black Widow, Peanut Butter & Jelly and sometimes I can’t resist the many varieties of sprinkles.  I also like to try the creative Vegan donuts as well.  Vanessa likes the Samoa which was her favorite Girl Scout Cookie for years.  We do try everything new that we make several times to ensure quality and flavor….it is a tough job but someone has to do it!

Here at Zombee, we like to give you a lot of options when it comes to donuts and drinks.  We carry canned or fountain sodas which include Pepsi or Coke plus many other options.  We serve freshly brewed Gavina coffee along with Espresso hot drinks plus our specialty iced coffees such as our Zombee Fix which is nicely strong and sweet and will wake anyone from the dead, our caramel apple iced coffee or our Diesel Cold Brew.   We also carry many juices, milk, water and freshly brewed ice tea.

We are not quite ready for that and we want to make sure our brand is represented well so we are not quite ready to franchise as well.  We have another plan in a few years that everyone will love!

Zombee Mascot

Raised glazed zombee shaped donut with jelly filled head and chocolate face. Having a bad day, bite his head off!


A delicious raised donut filled with our homemade whipped creme and for that extra boost; Green monster energy drink infused icing.

Our Famous Eyeball

Red velvet/white swirled cake donut frosted white with red icing representing bloodshot then a raised chocolate Ganache donut hole put in the middle for the pupil!

Rabies Babies

These little raised donuts have chocolate chip eyes and cream filling that makes them foam at the mouth.


Our version of the cinnamon roll that looks like a snake! Big and tasty and a Sin to enjoy!

Cookies and Scream

Raised donut with whipped crème filling, white frosting and Oreo cookie bits on top. This one is sure to make you scream with delight!


Our famous chocolate bar stuffed with Bavarian cream with a buttercream white cross on top! This one is to die for!


A fluffy raised donut, glazed, dipped in caramel and coconut and then drizzled with chocolate… a Girl Scout favorite.


A square raised donut with gourmet raspberry jelly inside and homemade peanut butter frosting.

Maple Bacon Bar

Our famous maple bar with a nice slice of crisp bacon on top… yummy… salty & sweet!


A square raised donut with chocolate whipped filling, homemade Nutella frosting and a stripe of chocolate frosting.

Cereal Killers

Our famous moist and crispy cake donuts with different cereals on top like fruit loops, cookie crisp or go kookoo for cocoa puffs.

Death by Chocolate

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate…our chocolate cake donut with our delicious chocolate frosting and godiva chocolate chips.

Black Widow

Watch out for the black widow, she is coming for you! A raised glazed donut with the donut hole covered in Chocolate and put back in the center, add chocolate legs and an hourglass spot on it’s back and you have a deadly treat!

Vegan Donut of the Week

Look for this one, it will change every week… could be chocolate fudge, nutty coconut or chic-a-stick butterfinger along with many other creations.

*Vegan donuts are cooked in palm oil


We have at least 5 different variations of sprinkled donuts that we load up with sprinkles. Come pick your color today.

We also always have our delicious favorites of old fashion, glazed and maple or chocolate bars. We have seasonal donuts and we are constantly trying different variations…..have a suggestion or want a custom order, let us know.