Zombie Themed Speciality And Vegan Donuts

Zombie themed specialty and vegan donuts are all the rage now because of shows like the Walking Dead. Zombee Donuts & Bake Shop has been in the minds and dreams of this mother/daughter team for 5 years. Marie Theodore and Vanessa Guillen have been looking for the perfect spot to open their gourmet donut and bake shop and we found it in the city of Fullerton, California.  From the mother/daughter’s love of baking and the walking dead, Zombee donuts was born.

We serve Zombee and monster themed donuts that are fun to look at and delicious as well.  Come try some of our signature themed donuts such as “The Eyeball” that is a red velvet/vanilla velvet cake donut dipped in white icing with a chocolate ganache donut hole in the center.  We also have “The Monster” donut which is a raised round donut with homemade whipped cream filling and Monster energy drink infused icing with, of course, a Zombie face. We also have our famous “Sin-a-Snake” cinnamon roll.   And no one can get enough of our “Maple Bacon Bar”.  Everything is better with bacon.   We also have our famous “Walker Donut” that has a little surprise in his head. Having a bad day? Bite his head OFF! Also, there are our gourmet donuts like the “PB&J”, “Cookies-n-Scream” and our “Nutella Donut”.

Come for the donuts and baked goods and stay for the atmosphere.  Our shop is decorated in Zombee theme with comfortable chairs and our beautiful artwork.  We will be offering free Wi-Fi to our guests as well.  NOW serving expresso drinks as well!

Come out and enjoy!  Who needs brains when you can eat Zombee donuts!

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Have NOT tried a Zombee donut or have one that you have been wanting to try! These donuts are to DIE for and then LIVE again!! Why wait? Stop in today and take a bite out of one of little monsters. Follow us socially and see for yourself. We are always posting new photos of our monstrous creations! 

Specialty Donuts

Start your day right with one of our soon to be famous specialty donuts. We craft our little monsters to be visually pleasing and to be the best donut for the living and dead! Browse our selection of specialty and vegan donuts and you are sure to smile.

Special Orders/Catering

Looking to place a large order or need more than a dozen donuts for your party? Visit our catering section and fill out the request form and we will have your donuts waiting for you to pick up first thing in the morning. Minimum order size is one dozen specialty donuts.

Photo Gallery

We take pride in all of our creations and love to share photos of what we do. We have assembled some of our favorites in this photo gallery to share with you. Please take a minute to look them over and leave a comment or two, we would love to hear from you.